Alex, Makeup Artist, Melbourne, age 26

When I signed up with Amber I ultimately wanted some peace from my busy mind. After struggling with an eating disorder for years, I was looking for some guidance especially around my relationship with food, exercise and how I spent my time outside of work!

Amber personalised my program so well. She approached me in an open,honest, nonjudgemental way. She introduced me to meditation, something I’d been too nervous to really commit to before, and it has revolutionised the way I think and experience life.

I have a healthier relationship and approach to exercise and food!

I am lighter in spirit, I feel more acceptance and peace in all aspects of my life.

Thanks to Amber, I feel so much stronger in my ability to ask for support when I need it, to take control of my actions and to be more accountable!

Amber, I can’t thank you enough!


Liz, Wellington, Hairstylist, age 30

My top three goals when signing up for Amber’s programme were

  • to have more energy/feel refreshed/sleep better
  • to curb/manage anxiety
  • to build a better relationship with eating

Amber was able to help me work towards these goals by giving me seemingly small challenges for the week ahead which made big differences to my life but were overall not overwhelming.

She also encouraged me to prepare myself for an upcoming and stressful exam. I would have failed without her!

Since working with Amber, my anxiety is definitely way more manageable. Life is that much easier and happier now 🙂 I think having a healthier mind and body means my stresses aren’t as overwhelming as they used to be. Another thing is that I am a lot more energetic and awake! My sleeping routine is under control and I am not waking multiple times in the night anymore.

I would describe Amber as encouraging, gentle, calm, patient, empathetic, thoughtful, positive, nurturing and sincere.

Plus so many other wonderful qualities! She is nonjudgemental which I really appreciated.

I cannot thank Amber enough for her hard work. She was genuinely thoughtful in the making of my programme and was always there to support me. Through the programme, I instigated gentle changes into my daily routines and implemented mindfulness. This has had a significant impact on my overall well being and daily life. The changes I have noticed have made each area of my life improve for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend Amber to anybody who wants to make a positive and lasting difference to their wellbeing. Thank you again Amber, I am so grateful for all you’ve done for me!


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Elle Bryant, 24, Wellington

I‘ve felt so much more relaxed and comfortable about my life and attitude towards food since working with Amber. Her gentle and non-judgemental approach has really been amazing. It’s refreshing to have someone care and understand and give you relevant and helpful advice without feeling judged or compromised. Amber provides guidance that isn’t over whelming or unachievable so you feel like everything is always within your grasp.

Sometimes it just takes someone to show interest and care towards you for you to realise how important the little things are

She taught me slow down and relax and to be ok with letting go the idea of control and to be happy and grateful for the present. I’ve made some awesome new habits across my life in diet, exercise, sleeping, self care/ self talk I feel like a much more relaxed and happy person for it.
I owe you a bunch Amber!

Emma, 41. Teacher, Wellington.

When beginning my programme with Amber, I hoped to enhance my confidence, embrace feeling sexy and desirable and possibly lose some weight.

Amber helped by listening to me talk about what I wanted to create for myself and offered solutions. She encouraged me to exercise, drink more water, and explore my sensuality (using a dry brush, lighting a candle when showering or taking a bath, and buying sexy knickers), as well as taking better care of myself and living a more creative, healthy and holistic life.

Part of her success was because she held me to account!

At the end of the programme my confidence had improved and I was enjoying being single, living alone and also making healthier choices.

I now have a lighter, less intense approach to life and enjoy simplicity.

Amber is a good listener, nonjudgmental, respectful, warm, wise, caring, encouraging, fun, gentle, kind. She is someone who walks the talk but doesn’t take herself too seriously.

I would recommend her programme to anyone who wants to develop their confidence, a single person looking for love, someone who wants to leave a relationship and people who have health or fitness goals that they want to achieve.”